Enough is enough!

Have you ever thought that your time on IMVU is valuable?

Bring your desire to do it by sharing your time with those who know how to fantasize, putting a smile on our faces!

Creating time is this and more…only you are missing!


Creatingtime, a place of exchange and confrontation designed to spread ideas, contents, knowledge, and feelings in an alternative way.

Organizing events is our goal.  Weaving relationships between people is our ambition.

Living every moment serenely is our goal.

Courses and insights, art and culture, fashion and lifestyle, music, and dance.

These and many more are the topics that we will try to aggregate in a dynamic, fun, constructive way: a way to be able to better enjoy your moments on IMVU!!!


Follow us on here to learn about what's happening around Creating time, to give an answer to what, when and why!


Welcome :-)



Each event will be the starting point,

giving you a "journey" designed to enrich your awareness and your soul!




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